“While voiceover work should be enjoyable, easily understood and memorable, delivering to a client’s expectations is paramount. I work every job with the necessity of meeting strategic objectives, on time and on budget, every time.”

Hailing from corporate behemoths, rapid-fire four-star NYC restaurant kitchens, and having owned a business, Alex gets it. Ever since landing a lead in his third grade school play, speaking performances have come naturally to Alex. Whether imparting unwarranted, detention-inducing oratories throughout classes growing up, delivering presentations to medical and technology professionals during a successful sales career, or performing in community theater productions, Alex has always had something to say (or sing).

His diverse and interesting background includes graduating valedictorian from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America and launching a corporate catering business, where he further honed his responsive skills to the “I need it now” demand. While his knife hit the cutting board by day, Alex received his voiceover coaching by night from industry respected voice talent at NYC’s Edge Studio.

Drawing from a wealth of personal and professional experiences, professional male voice talent Alex Novielli has the ability to specifically connect his voice to the character portrayed or the situation presented, contributing to the project’s goal. With years of voiceover training, you will get an authentic, professional, yet casual business style that listeners trust ~ an expressive, energetic voice that ranges from the confident and knowing to the playful and enthusiastic.

Because Alex gets what you want, you’ll hear what you need.